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Energy monitoring products from Fastron Technologies

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Fastron Technologies  provides a wide range of energy monitoring products for industrial and commercial purposes.

Fastron Technologies provides system integrators for a range of devices and software. Fastron Technologies provides energy monitoring solutions using a combination of data concentrators and loggers, energy metres, and software and split core current transformers.

Eco Warrior is icon driven software that operates either on an industrial work station or personal computer and is used for energy monitoring.

Eco Warrior uses radio modems or landline for sharing of data between users. Eco Warrior is useful for monitoring pulses supplied from the primary metres of Energy and Utility companies.

The information collected by Eco warrior can be monitored using Eco tools.

Eco tool is an auditing system, which permits the user to monitor energy efficiency ratios on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Apart from this, Eco tool also helps the user to analyse energy budget, calculate production or machine downtime, compare energy tariffs, check energy bills, linear regression analysis and more.

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