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Oxy fuel cutting by Farley Laserlab

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The oldest thermal cutting process is oxy/fuel. While most mild steel under 32mm is cut by other processes, mild steel from 1mm to 1m is cut buy this technically simple process.                  

The oxy/fuel cutting process from Farley Laserlab  uses the chemical properties of steel to burn the mild steel, the torch design directs the oxygen to give a good straight out.  

While the oxy/fuel cutting process is cheap and is the only economic method of cutting in the thick plate market, there are problems when cutting thin steel. The heat effected zone of the process is large in comparison to laser and plasma and causes thermal shrinkage. For effective accurate cutting the operator must be highly skilled to compensate for plate movement while cutting.  

Oxy/fuel cutting - High quality and rapid processing

The Magician has been designed for those operators who often have batch work that is most suited to multi- torch cutting yet do not have the overall volume of work that would justify the expenditure on the Trident or Phoenix heavy duty high production system.      

Oxy/fuel cutting - key features

The Magician is a high performance machine retaining the common Farley characteristics of the powerful PDF control, single piece high stiffness beam, low rails, performance and long life. The single piece fabricated beam has no bolted connections which can be misaligned during installation or through accidents afterwards. The designed dual side-drive system combined with fully enclosed precision gearboxes allows the use of a lighter beam with no effect on accuracy or stability.      

Low rails for rigidity and higher productivity

The low level rail construction improves accuracy and stability while reducing the chances of damage from swinging loads on cranes, forklifts etc. Low rails also improve operator access, speeding up loading and unloading and reducing potential safety problems.  

Combination drives for greater accuracy

The combination of AC servo and fully enclosed planetary gearboxes provide the torque and resolution necessary to ensure accurate position through the life of the machine. The Farley drive system ensures the high stiffness essential for accuracy, minimal backlash and easy adjustment. Optimum acceleration is ensured through the use of AC motors. The rack & pinion dual drive systems ensure accurate torch positioning and smooth movement.  

Torch carriage versatility

The Magician has a rack and pinion driven primary torch carriage which can be fitted with up to three lifters. This allows customers to combine plasma cutting, marking & oxy/fuel with fixed offsets and assured accuracy. Up to three slave torch carriages can be fitted to the beam. The additional carriages are manually spaced and clamped to the lead box by a stainless steel band for multiple simultaneous profiling. Each torch box is fitted with a 180mm stroke lifter as standard, with provision for additional lifters as required for individual tools.  

Proven Farley PDF control

The Magician features our renowned Farley PDF32 control to give you the best combination of control, accuracy, usability and operator friendliness allied with high reliability and in-depth diagnostics.

The in-built PLC is much more reliable than hardwired controls and provides simpler diagnostics and smarter functions for piercing, picking up lost cuts, operator warnings etc. Management of the machine and its output is further enhanced by the provision of diagnostics for every switch and valve through the front panel and by the use of high reliability components throughout. The Magician can also be supplied with an optional performance recording function which keeps track of actual cutting time, cycle time, pierces and cutting distance for each tool.

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