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The Rapier Hydefinition plasma cutter, by Farley LaserLab , is a suitable system for sheet metal applications where high quality and quick processing are keys to efficient operations. This type of machine has found ready acceptance in sheetmetal sectors such as food processing equipment manufacture, electrical cabinet production, metal manufacturing, diggers etc.

Time after time this Hydefinition plasma cutter has proven  itself to be more flexible and efficient than punch presses, guillotines and even laser cutting machines. From one-off complex shapes, including 3D developments for ductwork, to higher volume batch processing components, the Rapier has all the flexibility you will need. The ease of operation of the Rapier enables it to be kept on high utilization and, with multiple work zones, can be set up for hands-free operation.

The Rapier Hydefinition plasma cutter combines the Farley machine reputation for simple programming and operation with power of the Farley PDF CNC control. It features real time graphics and deep level diagnostics.


The Rapier provides the flexibility for profiling any shape mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The Rapier is ideally suited to applications using high definition plasma cutting where high quality parts or components can be produced straight off the machine. The Rapier can process plates up to 2m (6') wide and 6m (20") long in one set-up, or can be configured to provide additional work zones for job set-up while other parts are being processed.

This degree of in-built flexibility means that old restrictions of straight "guillotine" cuts or small sheet sizes no longer apply with the Rapier. Chamfers, notches, holes and slots can all be produced on the Rapier at no additional cost.


The Rapier maintains the high performance standards inherent in all Farley profiling machines. Incorporating high definition technology into the Rapier system delivers three additional benefits:
Narrow Kerf
Reduced bevel angle on cut surface
High quality edge finish.

Taken together, these features allow processors to profile, mark, engrave and spot drill their flat plate in one processing lay-up, and with the combination of speed and precision that can deliver higher productivity for wide range applications.

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