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Manufacture of plasma, laser and plasma cutting and drilling machines. Farley Laserlab has 1000's of installation in 23 countries around the world and has been leading the way in plate processing for the past 30 years.


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06/08/09 - The hydefinition plasma arc has triple the energy density of conventional plasma systems. This combined with improved torch technology gives users virtually square edge cutting and the ability to cut
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05/08/09 - The oldest thermal cutting process is oxy/fuel. While most mild steel under 32mm is cut by other processes, mild steel from 1mm to 1m is cut buy this technically simple process.
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05/08/09 - The Trident Plasma and Oxy/Fuel Cutting System is ideally suited to high volume cutting environments such as shipyards, steel service and distribution centers and shops where large parts or large batches of parts need to be processed on a regular ba
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04/08/09 - The Rapier is an ideal system for sheet metal applications where high quality and quick processing are keys to efficient operations.
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