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Smaller, compact ‘S’ Series amplifiers available from Faraday

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AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation have reduced the size of the ‘S’ Series solid-state amplifiers. They are smaller, lighter, and more compact than previously, yet they don’t lose any power output. They are now available from Faraday .

While reducing the size while maintaining the power was a challenge, AR has added even more power to these compact amplifiers. The S1G4 amplifiers cover the 0.8 - 4.2 GHz frequency range and now offer 20 W, 40 W, 80 W, 175 W, 350 W, 600 W, 900 W, and 1200 W models.

Many of the ‘S’ Series amplifiers are designed so that when additional power is needed, you can add another amplifier, rather than having to throw out the old amp and get a new higher power model. It is also possible to use the amplifiers independently when higher power is not needed. AR calls this building block concept Subampability.

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