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New reverb test system makes wireless OTA measurements

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Faraday Pty Ltd  introduces the AMS-7000, a test system recently announced by ETS-Lindgren.

The AMS-7000 is a test system that uses reverberation technology to make accurate and repeatable wireless over-the-air (OTA) measurements, including SISO, TRP, TIS, and Throughput. Also capable of performing a set of limited but useful MIMO measurements, the AMS-7000 reverberation test system operates over a frequency range of 700 MHz to 18 GHz.

The AMS-7000 is based on a combination of ETS-Lindgren’s industry leading EMQuest Antenna Measurement Software and the company’s longstanding line of SMART reverberation chambers. By using EMQuest software, the AMS-7000 is able to support a broad range of protocols and instrumentation readily available for other AMS series OTA measurement systems.

Mounted on wheels, the AMS-7000’s compact design is ideal for space-constrained applications or where a portable test solution is needed. Detailed antenna pattern data is not required. The test system supports a test volume of up to 0.9m x 0.9m x 0.6m.

According to Bryan Sayler, Senior Vice President, Test Solutions, ETS-Lindgren offers a broad range of technologies and options for performing Over-The-Air measurements of wireless devices. The company’s 20-year experience with statistical reverberation measurements allows them to provide customers with an additional alternative to their well-established anechoic solutions.

Dr. Michael Foegelle, Director of Technology Development explains that the reverberation method helps produce a rich multi-path environment that can be a useful tool for basic evaluation of the relative performance of MIMO enabled devices. The reverberation chamber represents an edge case in the continuum of possible real-world RF environments, from direct line-of-site to extremely high multipath (reverberant) environments.

He adds that the company actively supports the industry evaluation of MIMO test methods and believes that reverb will have a role to play as a basic test method when the more advanced boundary array simulator is not available.

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