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As a specialist in electromagnetic shielding products, Faraday Pty Ltd provides design and management of shielding for MRI, hospitals, defence, commercial and industrial EMI requirements.

High performance Shielding Rooms and Enclosures
  • RF shielded rooms are designed, manufactured, installed and completely quality tested
  • Can be made to any size and performance level
  • Shielded enclosures are fitted with RF filters for power or data, fibre optic waveguides, general purpose penetrations, waveguides for air conditioning and clear RF shielded windows
Reliable MRI Shielding Products
  • RF Windows
  • RFI / EMI / EMC RF Filters
  • RF Waveguide Vents
  • LED Light System - Low Intensity
  • LED Light System - High Intensity
  • Graphic Panels
  • WiFi Filters
  • MRDS Door
  • Auto Seal II Door
  • Copper Tape
  • Copper Shielding
Powerful RF Shielding Products
  • RFI / EMI / EMC RF Filters
  • RF Waveguide Vents
  • Magstop 3000 - EMF Shielding - DC Magnetic Fields
  • Magstop 5000 - EMF Shielding
  • ETS-Lindgren Series 81 Shielded Enclosure
  • ETS-Lindgren Series 71 Shielded Enclosure
Faraday's reliable shielding products can be customised to meet your specific requirements.
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01/02/17 - Faraday Pty Ltd has released a new line of low-cost cylindrical RF filters designed to control electromagnetic interference (EMI).
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14/02/14 - Aegys has entered into a distribution partnership with Faraday Pty Ltd for the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Supplier news
12/12/11 - Available from Faraday, the ETS-Lindgren Series 71 Copper Screen Room has been designed to offer a radio-silent environment.
Supplier news
03/08/11 - Faraday are pleased to be able to offer customers ETS-Lindgren's Series 81 shielding system that provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness to thousands of users.
Supplier news
19/04/10 - The Orange Book 3rd Edition is an important resource tool available free from Faraday.
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