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HI-2200 RF Survey Meter available from Faraday

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The HI-2200 RF Survey Meter is a lightweight probe, easy to hold instrument for less accessible measurement locations such as towers and ladder access situations. The HI-2200’s display module has easy to use spatial and temporal averaging on a large LCD display.

Additional features of the HI-2200 include data logging capability, user selectable readout units, and adjustable alarm threshold and an RS-232 data interface.

Mobile Communications: With greater dependence on all forms of electronic communication, the need to monitor personnel exposure is an ongoing concern. The compact size and simple operating controls of the HI-2200 RF Survey Meter e offer the ideal solution for all telecommunications service providers.

Broadcast, commercial radio and TV: High-power radio and TV transmission facilities are required by government regulators in several countries to limit RF exposure to both the general public and employees. Simple yet accurate field measurement instrumentation is necessary for a safe environment.

A simple solution for basic RF safety measurements, the HI-2200 RF Survey Meter provides a compact measurement system including interchangeable probes.

Healthcare facilities: Concerns regarding medical personnel exposure and potential electromagnetic interference are more easily addressed with the HI-2200 RF Survey Meter. Safety and biomedical personnel can have easy access to measurement tools for monitoring RF exposure and equipment interference issues.

Industrial: A safe workplace for employees is an important responsibility for all companies. EMF employee exposure safety guidelines now exist in all countries. IEEE, ICNIRP, and national standards provide guidelines for worker RF exposure. The HI-2200 RF Survey Meter is a cost-effective means of monitoring workplace safety.

The key features of HI-2200 RF Survey Meter are:

  • Broadband frequency range
  • Economical solution to broadcast/telecom safety monitoring needs and environmental monitoring
  • Fitted carry case
  • Hand strap and safety lanyard mount
  • Interchangeable probe heads
  • One hand operation
  • Optional fiber optic link

HI-2200 RF Survey Meter is available from Faraday.

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