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Gain stabilised amplifier delivers accuracy for biotech research

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AR Worldwide Modular RF has added a new product to its extensive range of RF amplifier systems and modular products.

Available from Faraday , the KMA2012 amplifier is a temperature versus gain stabilised 200W amplifier module that covers the frequency band of 2MHz to 100MHz, making this the third of a group of temperature compensated amplifiers.

The gain versus ambient temperature has been corrected to as little as 0.00033dB/°C, versus a typical performance of 0.04dB/°C for an otherwise identical uncompensated amplifier.

This amplifier has been designed to drive precision laboratory metering equipment for the measurement and delivery of biotech research agents into test vessels with measurement accuracy resolved to picoliters.

Other temperature compensated amplifiers of this type are the KMA1040M12 and the KMA2040M12, offering 75W and 200W respectively in the band 200kHz to 40MHz.

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