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FerriShield products now available from Faraday

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FERRISHIELD has appointed Faraday Pty Ltd as its Australian distributor. FerriShield has a large range of Ferrites, PCB Shields and RF Absorbers along with RFI Shielding Gaskets and Fabrics.

Shielded enclosures, even the most robust designs, will permit electromagnetic energy to enter or exit along the main cabling. One of the most versatile and cost-effective cable shielding methods used today, ferrites attack RFI right on the circuit wiring, eliminating many other more costly forms of RFI suppression.

Available in solid and bisected designs, each style can make the task of regulatory compliance quicker and less troublesome. The bisected styles use FerriShield’s familiar clamshell enclosure designs, offering the ultimate in adaptability. The RF absorbing core material interacts directly with unwanted high frequency energy and dissipates it effectively while allowing data signals to pass unimpeded.

Stopping the unwanted high frequency signals right at the source is the best technique, preventing re-radiation and reflections which hamper nearby components; and, minimising second, third and fourth order harmonics. PCB shields and RF absorber materials handle the widest range of frequencies in the industry.

Shielding gaskets are simply connectors of two opposing metallic planes, which make them appear as one continuous surface, or RFI absorber. They are perfect for seams, doors, connector plates, and other mating surfaces. They are also great for ESD grounding points and contacts. Shielding fabrics are an easy-to-use complementary shielding tool for many situations.

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