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AR Worldwide introduces Model FL7018 Starprobe

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AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation has designed and manufactured the world’s first 18 GHz laser-powered probe. Model FL7018 (3 MHz – 18 GHz / 1 – 1000 V/m) is a new addition to AR Worldwide’s Starprobe family of advanced laser-powered e-field probes.

The probe’s noise reduction and temperature compensation capabilities allow accurate measurement down to 1 V/m. When rotated about its magic angle mount, the probe provides isotropic response of +/-1.0 dB to 8 GHz.

Each of the three Starprobes has an internal microprocessor that enables it to think for itself and adapt to its environment. This provides optimal linearization, temperature compensation, control, and communications functions. And because the Starprobes are laser-powered, users never need to recharge or replace batteries.

In addition to the new Model FL7018, the other Starprobe models include:

Model FL7030 (5 kHz – 30 MHz / 1.5 – 300 V/m)

Model FL7006 (Now 0.1 MHz – 6 GHz / 0.5 – 800 V/m), recently redesigned to meet new IEC 6 GHz requirement.

The Starprobe laser probes are just part of the world’s complete line of high technology EMC field monitoring equipment. AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation also offers six battery-powered, rechargeable E&H field probes that cover the range from 100 kHz – 60 GHz, 0.4 – 1,000 V/m, 0.012 – 17 A/m. In addition, AR Worldwide offers the FM7004 field monitor and the VM7000 Virtual Field Monitor.  

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