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AR RF/Microwave introduces concept to increase power of existing amplifiers

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With test specs constantly changing to higher frequencies and higher power, test labs are forced to discontinue using existing amplifiers and purchase new models that meet the new specs. AR RF/Microwave has introduced a new concept called Subampability that will enable labs to increase the power of some existing amplifiers.

Several amplifiers within AR worldwide’s S series are designed so that the power can be expanded with a relatively simple upgrade.

The new examples are Models 10S1G11A (10 watts, 4-10.6 GHz) and 15S4G8A (15 watts, 4-8 GHz). A fairly simple upgrade performed by AR expands the 10S4G11A to a 20S4G11A (20 watt, 4-10.6 GHz) and the 15S4G8A to a 35S4G8A (35 watts, 4-8 GHz).

Amplifiers designed for expandable power

The 20S4G11A and the 35S4G8A are like building blocks that can easily be expanded by adding sub amps and controller/combiner units.

The 20S4G11A expands to a 40S4G11 (40 watts), then to a 60S4G11 (60 watts) and an 80S4G11 (80 watts).

The 35S4G8A grows to a 60S4G8 (60 watts), then to a 90S4G8 (90 watts) and a 120S4G8 (120 watts).

Expandable frequencies

As you expand your frequency coverage to meet or exceed the new 6 GHz requirements, AR will help you eliminate frequency gaps by retuning/expanding your existing amplifier.

AR will retune your S1G3 series amplifier (.8 – 3.0 GHz) to an S1G4 amplifier (.8 – 4.2 GHz) to eliminate the frequency gap between 3 GHz and 4 GHz as you expand your frequency coverage with the purchase of a new S4G8 (4 – 8 GHz) or S4G11 series amplifier (4-10.6 GHz).

AR worldwide’s S series is available from Faraday.

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