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Intumescent fire dampers

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article image Fantech’s rectangular fire damper -- a round version is available, too.

FANTECH has released a wide range of Intumescent Fire Dampers manufactured by Lorient.

The damper design has moved forward from the traditional mechanical technique, where the heat from a fire causes a fuseable link to break in the damper, thus closing a series of flaps.

From the word "intumesce", meaning "to swell up, as with heat", the intumescent fire damper reacts to the heat by expanding and closing the air gap entirely, thus preventing flame, smoke and heat escaping.

The products are available in rectangular as well as round configurations. They are suitable for incorporating into wall, floor and ceiling penetrations as well as ducting.

The round units are ideal for applications such as apartment bathrooms and toilet exhaust systems.

Both versions offer high reliability, requiring minimum maintenance or ongoing costs. Additionally, the requirement for access panels can be designed out and with their slimline design the Inlumescent Damper offers significant space savings compared to the typical ‘rat-trap’ type products.

Intumescent Fire Dampers have been fully tested to meet all the requirements of both the Building Code of Australia and Australian standard AS/NZS1668.1.

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