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Fantech's new TD Silent mixed flow fans the latest development in silent apartment ventilation

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Now available from Fantech , the TD Silent range of mixed flow fans incorporates several new technologies that make them extremely quiet and the latest development in apartment ventilation.

Manager of Fantech Engineering, Kerry Dumicich says the revolutionary design of these mixed flow fans is much quieter than other similar products and is a real advance in acoustic technology.

“This breakthrough in noise reduction is due to a specially designed perforated internal skin. Sound waves produced inside the fan are directed through the perforations and are captured by a layer of sound-absorbent material,” says Dumicich.

“The result is outstanding, a fan that operates very quietly while at the same time maintaining efficiency,” he adds.

The most popular model, the TD-500/150 Silent mixed flow fan, has a sound pressure of only 33dB(A) at low speed and 40dB(A) at high speed. This makes it ideal as an extract fan in apartments, hotels, and offices where rooms are often close together and the constant sound of ventilation systems can distract the occupants.

TD Silent mixed flow fans also owe their low sound level to the finer design details, such as the mounting straps. The fan body is held in place with plastic straps at each end which form part of the mounting bracket. These straps grip onto a special ribbed rubber gasket on the fan body that further reduce vibration and noise.

The inlet and outlet spigots also include a rubber gasket which helps to reduce air leakage when connecting to ductwork. This not only makes the fan more efficient, but also helps to absorb vibrations which can sometimes be heard.

All of these inbuilt innovations mean that in most cases there is no need for additional attenuation components to reduce the noise of the fan.

Furthermore, the engineers of the TD Silent mixed flow fan have been able to include all this in a sleek, compact unit. The TD-500/150 Silent is 245mm high, making it ideal for installations in false ceilings or apartments where space is often restricted.

“The engineers have really thought of everything,” says Dumicich.

“The TD Silent range is more than just an innovative inner skin; it's designers have considered where the fan will most likely be installed and what the limitations are,” he adds.

Conscious that installers often have confined spaces to work in, the distinctive body of the TD Silent mixed flow fan can be easily removed from the support brackets by releasing the clips. These unique clips make removal simple for maintenance and cleaning.

Another unique feature of this fan is it’s 360° rotating junction box that makes it easier to connect the power cable in tight spaces.

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