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Fantech’s Jetstream and Mixvent series of fans offer ventilation solutions in limited spaces

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article image A slimeline fan in the Jetstream series

The challenge of creating comfortable living spaces in apartments is made easier with a new package from Fantech . Recognising that space is limited in apartment design, Fantech have created a complete apartment ventilation system that requires little head room.

As the primary component of the system, the fan needs to be slimline without any compromise in efficiency. Fantech’s Jetstream and Mixvent series fit these criteria.

One of the prime design objectives for the Jetstream series was to produce a slimline fan that was quieter than similar products on the market.

Computerised fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was used to design the ultra slim housing and optimise aerodynamic performance. Fantech have been able to reduce the required headroom to 235 millimetres for the JCE152 and 268mm for 202 models. The aerodynamic design means the fan has exceptional airflow and impressive acoustic performance and when combined with an anti-vibration mounting bracket the overall noise is low.

Energy consumption has also been considered. The single speed JCE152-1 can be speed controlled while the JCE152-3 and JCE202-3 models are three-speed. In most installations it is not necessary for the fan to be operating at maximum capacity all the time. Speed control can reduce power consumption and provide a more desired air flow.

Like the Jetstream series, the Mixvent series includes a range of compact fans.

The two-speed TD 500/150 model requires only 200mm headroom and delivers air volumes of up to 140 litres per second (500m³/h) which is powerful enough to cope with extensive duct systems.

The specially designed support brackets in the Mixvent series enable fans to be removed without disturbing the connection ductwork. The series was also flexible, with fans able to be installed as single–stage fans or arranged in parallel, in series or both parallel and series to enable higher air flow and pressure demands to be met, without compromising head height.

A revolutionary low-pressure backdraft damper had been developed for use with any of the fans in the apartment ventilation system. Designed so that the resistance to airflow is a fraction of spring-loaded butterfly types, the patented Smooth Flow damper ensures optimum performance from the fan.

Another new product is the Jetstream Y piece to divide air flow. Made from injected-moulded ABS flame retardant material, the Y piece has a smooth surface. It fits directly onto Jetstream 152 in-line fans, the S&P TD-500/150 Mixvent fan, the Smooth Flow backdraft damper and standard 150mm flexible duct.

Fantech also supply grilles, attenuators, run-on timers, duct adaptors, shutters and louvres and speed controllers to complete the apartment ventilation package.

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