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Fantech releases FlatPack Low Profile Duct System

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The release of the FlatPack Low Profile duct rounds-off a range of products and systems by Fantech that are specifically and ideally suited to applications where ceiling space is restricted.

According to Fantech, it has been developing and supplying products such as the Smooth Flow Backdraft Damper, TD Mixvent fans, Fantech Jetstream Systems and Ezifit In-Wall fans for some time now.

While these products have been engineered to give the good airflow performance, consultants and contractors have consistently demanded more performance out of exhaust systems in high rise apartments and the like. Supplying low profile duct was the obvious next step for Fantech.

The FlatPack Low Profile Duct System, which includes the unique LayFlat collapsible duct, offers many advantages over alternative methods of ducting air across areas with tight, restricted space.

These include:

Low profile design

With a profile of only 204 x 60mm, the FlatPack Low Profile Duct System allows designers to maximise the ceiling height.

When compared to other methods used for ducting air such as Ø150mm flexible duct or storm water pipe (to reduce pressure drop), the FlatPack duct can save around 90mm in height which over a multi-story building could result in substantial savings.

Smooth PVC construction

The smooth construction and tight fitting components ensure that the duct system pressure drop is kept to a minimum. Obviously, the less resistance imposed on a fan the greater the resultant airflow. All FlatPack Low Profile Duct System components are made from self extinguishing PVC.

Modular, snap-together design

The FlatPack Low Profile Duct System has components to suit many situations including rigid and flexible bends, duct connectors, rectangular to circular adaptors, T-pieces and reducers.

A full list of components is shown in the brochure, which is available upon request or by completing the form on the back page of tech talk. These components are all designed to snap together and require a minimum of duct tape to make the joints air tight. Fixing the duct systems in position is easily done by fixing the channel clip to the slab and clicking the duct in place.

The modular design has the added benefit that it allows predictable pressure drop results unlike flexible duct which can be crushed or damaged after installation resulting in reduced airflow.

Convenient storage and transport

The LayFlat collapsible duct provides huge advantages for storage and transport on-site. For a project that requires hundreds of lengths of duct, space saving will result in much less time and effort required to transport the duct up the building.

FlatPack Low Profile Duct System components are available in Australia and New Zealand through Fantech’s network of office and agents.

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