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Fantech Plus Heat Transfer kit available from Fantech

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During the colder months it can often prove difficult to create a comfortable living temperature throughout a home that includes a primary heating device in one room only.

During these cold winter months the family tends to gather in these heated rooms to take shelter from the cold.

The Fantech Plus Heat Transfer kit, available from Fantech , takes the air from the heated room and efficiently distributes it to one, two or three other rooms increasing the comfort level in the entire home.

Glenn Morgan Fantech Plus Sales Manager says, “At night for example, when you leave the comfort of the heated family room and retire to your bedroom you will not experience that sudden uncomfortable temperature drop.”

The Heat Transfer kits are ideal for any home that uses a single heat source such as an open fireplace or solid fuel heater.

The kits also allow the user to take advantage and make use of the existing heating device and eliminate the need to install an expensive central heating system.

Three options are available, which include the following:

  • FTPHTK 1-1 – It is suitable for transferring heat from the heated room to one other room. Kit contains a MT132 (Ø150mm in line duct fan) 9m of insulated duct, 2 adjustable grilles and duct tape.
  • FTPHTK 1-2 – This kit is suitable for transferring heat from the heated room to two other rooms. Kit contains; TD 500/150 (Ø150mm in line mixed low fan) 12m of insulated duct, 3 adjustable grilles, a branching piece, 2-speed switch and duct tape.
  • FTPHTK 1 – 3 – It is suitable for transferring heat from the heated room to three other rooms Kit contains; TD-800/200N (Ø200mm in line mixed flow fan), 15m of insulated duct, 4 adjustable grilles, a double branching piece, 2 speed switch and duct-tape.

All three models contain all the components necessary to install an efficient in home heat transfer system. The airflow per outlet is engineered to effectively distribute the heat away from the ceiling and prevent stratification. (Stratification is where hot air rises and clings to the ceiling).

Glenn Morgan adds, “a heat transfer kit allows younger members of the family to take their study or play to other heated rooms in the home. This allows them to enjoy diverse and sometimes conflicting activates without interfering with other members of the family.”

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