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Fanquip develops new solutions for confined space air management
19.06.2014 - Fanquip has introduced, through its Industrial Solutions department, a complete confined spaces air management solution for diverse industry segments.
Understanding welding fume control for operator safety
31.01.2014 - Fanquip serves the entire industry spectrum with a wide range of air movement solutions designed to ensure optimum conditions at the workplace.
Tackling the issue of hot summer conditions in food manufacturing and processing
04.12.2013 - Australian fan and air movement specialist recommends their IP56-rated food-grade stainless steel air circulators for use in the food processing sectors.
Safe management of vehicle exhaust fumes at factories and depots
18.10.2013 - Fanquip hooded roof fans are recommended for installation at council buildings, public works facilities and general transport depots to improve the indoor air quality for employees.
Long wearing rugged air curtain for outdoor workshop mounting
28.08.2013 - Industrial air movement specialist Fanquip introduces a new range of heavy duty air curtains specially designed for installation indoors or outdoors.
Case study: Temperature control at honey manufacturing facility
01.08.2013 - Fanquip heater fans are being used in various food manufacturing facilities to deal with viscosity and consistency issues common during the cold season.
Huge fan refurbishment maintains operating quality on power station’s auxiliary transformers
04.07.2013 - Leading Australian air movement specialist Fanquip has successfully completed fan refurbishment work for more than 200 auxiliary transformers at the Eraring Power Station in NSW’s Hunter Valley.
Fanquip’s roof-mounted exhaust fans for Sydney’s passenger train building
28.06.2013 - Railcorp has appointed Fanquip for a turnkey supply and fit out of its hooded roof fan technology on the express passenger train (XPT) workshop.
Fanquip’s grit blasting collector ensures safe workspace for coatings specialist
10.06.2013 - Fanquip has installed a turnkey grit blasting collector in the workshop of an industrial coatings specialist to meet OH&S requirements.
Ventilation specialist Fanquip helps curb carbon tax for coal mines
08.05.2013 - Air movement specialist Fanquip is supplying its quality Australian made equipment to Corky’s Sustainable Energy.
Fanquip’s ambient temperature control solutions without air conditioning
09.04.2013 - Air movement specialist Fanquip offers a range of internal temperature control solutions for industry without using expensive air conditioning systems.
Fanquip roof fans help 50 welders work in clean environment every shift
14.03.2013 - Australian air movement specialist Fanquip has supplied roof fans to a large manufacturing plant as part of a work safety fitout for weld fume extraction.
Fanquip’s new range of air curtains aims to beat the insects
13.02.2013 - Fanquip has released a new range of air curtains which are designed to provide better performance and a longer service life.
Portable purging fans from Fanquip
06.02.2013 - Portable purging fans from Fanquip are designed to extract welding fumes, dust, stale air and vapour in a wide range of applications.
Portable blower extractors from Fanquip
05.02.2013 - Fanquip portable blower extractors are designed for use in a wide range of applications that require lightweight portability, reliability and heavy duty performance.
Hooded roof fans from Fanquip
04.02.2013 - The profile base hooded roof fans from Fanquip are designed for the extraction of heat, steam, dust, stale air and fumes from various industrial environments.
Mancooler fans from Fanquip
01.02.2013 - Mobile mancooler fans from Fanquip are a range of robust, high performance and durable fans designed for heavy duty applications.
Fanquip adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers
31.01.2013 - Adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers from Fanquip are designed for optimum performance with minimum noise and low power consumption in all industrial and mining applications.
Dust collectors from Fanquip
30.01.2013 - Fanquip presents a range of dust collectors designed to conform to high quality standards.
Giant fans from Fanquip
29.01.2013 - Fanquip Giant fans are designed to circulate huge volumes of air seamlessly in warehouses, factories or workshops.
Fanquip axial flow fans
25.01.2013 - Fanquip presents axial flow fans designed to remove contaminated air from industrial processes that generate dust, steam, heat or other noxious emissions.
Air curtains from Fanquip
24.01.2013 - Fanquip introduces a new range of air curtains designed for stronger performance and longer service life.
High performance air circulators from Fanquip
22.01.2013 - Fanquip presents a sturdy range of high performance air circulators precision-engineered to ensure quiet and efficient air circulation in commercial and industrial environments.
Food processing solutions from Fanquip
12.11.2012 - The Fanquip food processing division delivers a wide range of solutions to meet industry considerations such as correct ventilation, temperatures, acoustics and access.
Fanquip introduces Giant 6-blade fans
22.10.2012 - The new Giant fans from Fanquip offer an efficient solution, circulating huge volumes of air seamlessly to greatly enhance comfort and productivity in all types of environments.
Fanquip’s hooded roof fans work as odour solution for sewage pump sites
14.12.2011 - Hooded roof fans from Fanquip are being used to manage noxious odour problems at government and private pump sites in waste transfer applications.
Dedicated turnkey ventilation solutions from Fanquip
07.12.2011 - Air movement specialist Fanquip provides complete turnkey ventilation solutions including design and fitout services for factories, warehouses and food processing plants.
Air circulators from Fanquip for combustible environments
06.12.2011 - Air movement specialist Fanquip presents a range of all-aluminium air circulators for industrial applications with high potential for combustibility.
Portable ambient air control systems from Fanquip for industrial painters and coaters
01.11.2011 - Fanquip offers a specialised range of ambient air control solutions designed to generate optimum site conditions for paint jobs.
Fanquip releases mobile welding fume extractor
25.10.2011 - This welding fume extractor has been especially developed by Fanquip as a simple solution to address the serrious health risks posed by untreated welding fumes.
Fanquip’s new division offers turnkey air solutions for food processing sector
20.10.2011 - Fanquip, Australia’s leading air movement company has set up a specialist Food Processing Solutions department to advise, design and manufacture the complete range of fans and air systems required for
Stainless Steel Air Circulator available from Fanquip
30.08.2011 - Fanquip presents their range of stainless steel air circulators that are ideal for food and beverage industries that do not have air conditioning.
Fanquip Electric Heater Fans Safer Than Combustion Types in Winter
09.05.2011 - Electric heater fans from Fanquip are being used for the safe operation of heating systems in flammable and noxious-free areas in many engineering, manufacturing and mining applications.
Tunnel Vent Fans from Fanquip for Poultry and Primary Industry
15.04.2011 - The commercial series tunnel vent fans from air movement specialist Fanquip are suitable for the poultry industry and the general live-primary sector.
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