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Ventilation specialist Fanquip helps curb carbon tax for coal mines

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article image Corky’s had Fanquip supply equipment to fit this operation

Air movement specialist Fanquip is supplying its quality Australian made equipment to Corky’s Sustainable Energy, which specialises in systems designed to offset the carbon tax liability for mining, steel and energy industries.

Comprising of three separate independent engineering companies, Corky’s has been sourcing high-efficiency fans, sensors and silencers from Fanquip as part of their research and industry solutions. The Corky's Group comprises of Corky's Carbon and Combustion, Corky's Carbon Consultancy and Corky’s Sustainable Energy.

Corky's works with the mining, steel and energy industries to help them use their carbon resources more efficiently while Fanquip supplies a large range of ventilation equipment for a variety of industries across the world. Located in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, both businesses have a direct link to the local mining sector.

Coal mines release methane in their ventilation air. Methane has a greenhouse index 25 times that of CO2, meaning each molecule traps 25 times more heat in the atmosphere. Corky’s has developed tailored technologies that convert this methane into CO2 and heat, with the heat utilised and converted into renewable energy or used for space heating/cooling.

Corky's patented technology specialises in the reduction and beneficial use of waste products, particularly, coal mine Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) and biomass or household waste. Industries that have biomass include forestry and agriculture. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is also increasingly becoming a problem for local councils. Both biomass and MSW waste-to-energy processes have significant potential for electricity generation.

Fanquip specialises in air movement and ventilation products and services, with clients drawn from mining, construction, food and beverage, agriculture, general industrial, power and energy and general maintenance segments.

Fanquip’s turnkey approach ensures appropriate safety measures are implemented to allow easy ongoing inspection and maintenance, particularly for roof mounted solutions.

Fanquip has introduced state-of-the-art fan selection and performance technology to easily and accurately select the right fan for each application, enabling the company to address most speciality ventilation requirements.

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