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Portable ambient air control systems from Fanquip for industrial painters and coaters

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article image Fanquip mobile heater fan helps maintain temperature ambience for painting companies

Fanquip offers a specialised range of ambient air control solutions designed to generate optimum site conditions for paint jobs.  

Several factories and processing plants are getting ready for the summer by putting their facilities through a basic refurbishment that normally involves a new paint job. In spite of the warm weather, the actual conditions can still be a little unpredictable for paint to properly cure, making the job difficult for professional painting teams.  

Air movement specialist Fanquip has put together several technologies from its large portfolio of Australian-made fan and purging equipment to generate optimum conditions for the job site. Comprising of portable heater fans, relocatable air circulators and portable purging fans, the air control systems can be combined to provide an ambient control solution during painting.      

These temporary conditions need to be created to assist with the drying process of painting on diverse surfaces including brick, concrete, steel, wood and plastic.  

Fanquip’s heater fans are powered by electricity rather than gas, eliminating combustibility potential. The heater fans range in element power from 3.0kW units generating 10,800kJ of heat through to 36.0kW units with 129,600 heat energy output.  

Wall mounted heater fans can be strategically placed around a fixed workplace to provide painting teams with optimum heat levels on minimum power requirements.  

Mobile heater fans are easily wheeled into position for any operation requiring its heat source to be moved according to floor plan adjustments with varying jobs.  

Key benefits of Fanquip’s ambient air control systems:  

  • Allows the paint to cure quickly and at a highly controlled rate 
  • Ambient conditions can be controlled by adjusting heat and air flow against atmospheric temperature and wind flow conditions 
  • Faster job completion for painting companies 
  • Less downtime for plant owners 
  • Better quality of finish and lifespan of the paint due to curing at optimal rate 

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