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Long wearing rugged air curtain for outdoor workshop mounting

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Industrial air movement specialist Fanquip introduces a new range of heavy duty air curtains specially designed for installation indoors or outdoors.

Fanquip’s ruggedized unit is specifically made for harsh installations such as above doorways to repair workshops and storerooms commonly operating in the mining, quarry and engineering sectors as well as agricultural and rural businesses.

The Fanquip air curtain delivers an ideal solution for a dust-free working environment, providing an alternative to the conventional but unreliable option of placing plastic strips in doorways. 

Designed and manufactured by Fanquip, the Australian made heavy duty air curtain features a long wearing technology that is weather-proof and can be mounted on an external site wall, unlike many imported equivalents, which can only be installed indoors. 

Ease of maintenance is a major advantage of the air curtains, especially for the resources sector. Maintenance has been simplified in the new Fanquip air curtain’s design by about 80% as only six screws need to be removed from the fascia to gain full access to the mechanics of the unit. This maintenance-friendly design is particularly important to the mining and quarrying sectors where cleaning and maintenance is frequent but downtime needs to be minimised.

Fanquip’s air curtains are easy to install and offer cost-effective operation. Featuring a heavy duty centrifugal configuration, and supplied in galvanised construction, the unit has a modular direct drive set-up to ensure there are less moving parts to wear out.

Fanquip air curtains also offer IP56 moisture protection for a long lifespan in humid, dirty or damp conditions, or steam process environments.

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