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Fanquip’s roof-mounted exhaust fans for Sydney’s passenger train building

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article image Fanquip’s roof-mounted exhaust fans at Sydney’s passenger train workshop

Railcorp has appointed Fanquip for a turnkey supply and fit out of its hooded roof fan technology on the express passenger train (XPT) workshop. Ten Fanquip units replaced four obsolete units.

When the engines of an XPT interstate locomotive start, it omits diesel fuel fumes and this soon fills the air. Fanquip’s roof fans are activated shortly before the XPT engines are turned on for the fumes to go straight up and out of the building.

This effectively deals with the harmful diesel exhaust emissions by ensuring the fumes cannot waft into any other parts of the workshop, or settle in the immediate zone.

The turnkey has ease of access and efficient low-cost long-term maintenance. It also comes with permanent safe access measures such as external safety walkways on the rooftop to allow service personnel safe access at all times.

This will ensure follow-up maintenance will be done according to WorkCover approved conditions.

The fan base is made from fully welded aluminium for strength. The aerofoil impeller has up to 12 adjustable pitch blades for maximum performance.

It is driven by a continuously rated motor bolted to a platform welded within the fan cylinder. It comes with a weatherproof fibreglass dome, designed to cover the fan outlet while offering the least resistance to flow.

A heavy duty plastic mesh around the inlet/outlet gap keeps birds out.

Fanquip’s hooded roof fan equipment is Australian-made and designed to satisfy heavy duty applications like harsh weather and hazard-sensitive locations. The units are placed far from the major opening of the building to create an inlet airflow through that main opening.

The fresh air drawn into the building pushes the diesel fumes upward, expelling them via the hooded roof fans.

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