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Fanquip’s hooded roof fans work as odour solution for sewage pump sites

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article image Hooded roof fans pump foul air from sewage operations

Hooded roof fans from Fanquip are being used to manage noxious odour problems at government and private pump sites in waste transfer applications.  

With sewage pump sites receiving megalitres of raw sewage each day, operations and maintenance personnel normally find it near impossible to enter the premises due to a high degree of unpleasant odour caused by hydrogen sulphide gas.  

Australian air movement specialist Fanquip offers its hooded roof fans for positioning on the roof to channel expulsion of this non-toxic but unpleasant air.  

Hydrogen sulphide gas emissions can cause various problems for sewage pumping stations. For instance, the gas can rot much of the steel work in a building over a length of time. Submergible mixers working continuously permeate the HS2 gas causing odour and eventual decay.  

Fanquip’s hooded roof fans are the ideal solution for managing the foul odour as well as preventing the steel work from rusting any further.  

Strategically placed at a significant distance from the major opening of a warehouse, workshop, storage depot, processing plant or any other large complex, the hooded roof fans create an air flow drawn in through the main opening.  

Key features of Fanquip’s hooded roof fans:  

  • Made from fibreglass/alloy
  • Heavy duty and lightweight
  • Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and threat of erosion
  • Motor speeds range from 720rpm to 1440rpm, with voltages either 1Ph 240V or 3Ph 415V
  • Supplied in any of six standard profile bases (corrugated iron, Trimdek, Super Six, Spandek, Double Rib & Span 4, and Longspan)
  • Allows straightforward retrofitting
  • Simple installation using a profile base cuts installation costs and time by 60%
  • Bird mesh protection is provided

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