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Dedicated turnkey ventilation solutions from Fanquip

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article image Fanquip Vent System as a Turnkey Package

Air movement specialist Fanquip provides complete turnkey ventilation solutions including design and fitout services for factories, warehouses and food processing plants.  

Being a leading air quality and ventilation specialist with access to considerable resources and skills, Fanquip is able to provide expert solutions using heavy duty technologies designed for industry.  

Fanquip combines air movement, temperature, humidity, dust and fume control technologies to customise turnkey ventilation solutions for specific challenges associated with the workplace environment.  

Fanquip’s turnkey ventilation solutions are especially suited to the needs of multi-product processing plants that run processes releasing all types of airborne matter, with a specialised facilitator more likely to combine the right technologies to keep the facility clean to OH&S requirements.  

Fanquip’s turnkey ventilation solutions are also suitable for industries such as paper, cardboard and tissue processing to maintain humidity control within the production environment and ensure product integrity.  

While food and beverage production companies will benefit from close regulation of air quality and moisture levels, Fanquip’s turnkey ventilation solutions will help welding bays ensure that toxic and carcinogenic fume removal is done effectively for workplace safety.  

Fanquip’s dedicated turnkey ventilation solutions also offer optimised outcomes through a combination of technologies to ensure overall heat and cold temperature control in industrial environments.

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