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Air circulators from Fanquip for combustible environments

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article image Drying at this spray booth is safer with an aluminium air circulator

Air movement specialist Fanquip presents a range of all-aluminium air circulators for industrial applications with high potential for combustibility.  

The aluminium construction of Fanquip air circulators eliminates the risk of sparks and will also not allow an electrical surge to pass through it.  

Fanquip air circulators can be used in plants handling munitions, gases, solvents and other potentially explosive products, and will help to easily keep the workplace cool for employees during the hot season.  

Key features of Fanquip’s aluminium air circulators:   

  • Aluminium guards, motors and brackets ensure complete product integrity
  • Non-aluminium components are made from non-combustible plastic to eliminate any risk of sparks or fires
  • Blade diameters of 460mm, 630mm and 810mm
  • Aluminium construction allows complete washdown of the equipment at regular intervals without risking damage
  • Long lifespan
  • Completely relocatable, allowing the user to reposition as often as necessary 

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