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Revolutionising the cooling market with efficient cooling systems, Fanmaster’s range of NewTech Coolers are not only keeping warehouses and factories across Australia cool but with their innovative cooling systems technology are providing much needed opposition to power hungry air conditioners.

NewTech Coolers for every occasion

Amongst Fanmaster’s NewTech Cooling range are portable devices capable of being manoeuvred into an appropriate position within the working environment to provide maximum effect. These units range from a 500w system to an impressive 1.1kw system that has the capability of 5000 litres per second airflow easily covering an area of 150m²

NewTech Fixed Solutions

Want a solution that is permanent? Having Industrial Axial Coolers installed as a fixture in your building versus using air conditioning will not only save you money in power consumption costs but should cost much less to install.

Health Benefits?

Traditional air conditioners pull moisture from the air. As they are not selective as to where the moisture is pulled from they draw moisture from your workers bodies as well as the air and can cause many ailments including respiratory problems and dehydration. Fanmaster NewTech coolers have the reverse effect and retain the moisture in the environment whilst cooling the air.

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