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Fanmaster's top five tips for choosing ventilation at your site

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Good ventilation is an important requirement in any workplace as it has a direct impact on the health of the employees.

Stale air, dust, debris, smoke and toxic gases, all need to be expelled in some way or another from the workplace and each type of contaminant needs to be assessed separately to arrive at a suitable ventilation solution. However, one should also assess whether the existing roof fans or wall units are doing an effective job of extracting excessive heat or contaminants from the workplace environment.

How does then, one make the correct decision based on their requirements? Can an expensive solution, for instance, guarantee that the choice will be correct? The confusion only increases when aspects such as what is being ventilated, why it is being ventilated, the volume of space that needs to be ventilated, and where the ventilation units will be placed, have to also be considered.

Fanmaster has produced a 5-step plan to success when dealing with ventilation issues in and around the workplace. 

Assess the size of your building. 

Determine the volume of air within the building to be ventilated. 

What is it that you are trying to extract? 

It is important to know what one is trying to extract from the workplace environment in terms of heat, dust, smoke, toxic emissions or other pollutants. 

Do you have any air coming into your building at all? 

Extraction equipment will generally work better with positive airflow. However, if the air intake is not filtered, the dust and contaminants will enter the building and make the extraction units work that much harder to expel. Negative pressure is generally used when there is a need for isolation of the contaminants that are being extracted. Negative pressure means that the outtakes (extraction units) are extracting more air than the air being brought into the building. 

Do you have any noise restrictions? 

The current WHS level of compliance is 85db after which the noise level is considered excessive. Different models of extraction systems are available to suit different applications and individual needs.

Ask Fanmaster

Fanmaster can provide a suitable ventilation solution by assessing the client’s workplace environment. 

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