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Multi-channel simultaneous sampling

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DATEL's new ADSD-1402, available from Fairmont Marketing , is a functionally complete, dual 14-bit, 2MSPS, sampling A/D converter.

Its standard, 40-pin, triple-wide ceramic DIP contains two fast-settling sample/hold amplifiers, two 14-bit A/D converters, multiplexed output buffers, a precision reference, and all the timing and control logic necessary to operate from either two or a single start convert pulse.

The ADS-1402 is optimised for wideband frequency-domain applications and is fully FFT tested. It only requires 5V supplies and typically consumes 0.725 watts.

The ADS-1402 has applications in high-end imaging (medical, industrial, scientific, military) and also phased-array radars and sonars, x-y detectors, seismic recorders, shock and vibration analyzers, speech digitisers, and FFT/spectrum analysers.

Models are available in either commercial 0 to 70ºC or military -55ºC to +125ºC operating temperature ranges.

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