Factory Intelligence

Factory Intelligence provide your factory, plant, mine, process or utility with the hardware and software you need to keep ahead of the competition.


Supplier news
08/08/11 - Factory Intelligence presents Cognex’s Checker 4G Series of Smart Vision Sensors with the 4G1 and the 4G7.
Supplier news
05/05/08 - Factory Intelligence supplies solid state relays and power controllers suitable for industrial and manufacturing applications.
Supplier news
02/05/08 - Factory Intelligence distributes an extensive range of factory control systems including data loggers, drives, inverters, soft starters, instrumentation equipment and process controllers.
Supplier news
30/04/08 - Factory Intelligence provides hardware and software solutions to mine, process and plant industries.

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44 William Dyer Drive
SA 5351
Tel: 08 8524 6006

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