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Steel Framing from FRAMECAD Solutions Chosen for New Greenhouse

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Steel framing from FRAMECAD Solutions was chosen to build a new greenhouse with significant cost and time savings.

The total cost of build must be taken into consideration when comparing Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) versus traditional materials.

Cost factors include: 

  • Material cost per m² including wastage
  • Manufacturing time and associated costs (labour and output rates)
  • Transportation of materials to site
  • Labour costs for construction/ erection

Steel framing solutions such as LGSF, especially when combined with FRAMECAD’s Steel Frame Business Solution are highly advantageous to companies.

Faster construction, lower labour costs, accuracy and ease of assembly are some of the primary benefits of steel framing.

Key advantages of steel framing:  

  • Frames can be manufactured 30% faster than traditional building methods to save time and money
  • Lower labour costs due to the accuracy of LGSF frames and ease of assembly
  • Margins can be improved by using alternative building methods such as prefab, transportable and modular options in addition to the usual build-on-site method
  • Onsite rework and warranty provisions can be reduced with the accuracy of the system
  • Material transportation costs are lower due to the light weight of steel
  • Lower material wastage

Key cost benefits include: 

  • Improves profits with less wastage and lower labour input
  • Improves margins
  • Improves cash flow
  • Frees up project capital sooner
  • Decreases interest costs

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