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Mobile steel framing factory purchased from its manufacturer FrameCAD Solutions

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article image Mobile steel framing factory purchased from its manufacturer FrameCAD Solutions

The Batchelor Institute and FrameCAD Solutions aims to provide disadvantaged job seekers with training and opportunities for employment: notably rehabilitating low security inmates with skills to enter the workforce. Rehabilitation will be promoted by developing skills in steel frame fabrication and construction. Six jobs and 100 work experience placements will be created with the purchase of the FrameMaster F300i Mobile Factory and operating equipment. These skills could be readily taken up in a market desperately in need of housing.

FrameCAD’s Australian Sales Manager, Peter Blythe, notes that across Australia demand for housing is outstripping supply at an increasing rate (see note below). “This is aggravated by a lack of skilled workers and geographic disparities in the availability of such skills,” he said. “This initiative in the Northern Territory by the Batchelor Institute and the Commonwealth is great news for jobs and housing. And because the FrameMaster F300i is mobile it can be easily transported to where training is required rather than transporting trainees long distances in the Northern Territory.”

Mr Blythe added: “FrameCAD Building Solutions can help address the nation’s housing shortage and building skills deficiency. Other reasons why government departments are attracted to our steel framing system are speed, efficiency and a reduced need for skilled labour required on site. This delivers a high quality building at lower cost. “The mobility of the “Factory in a can system” means this building solution can be deployed wherever the housing need is located.

“Our framing is ‘Meccano-like’ in its simplicity of assembly due to the precise computer controlled production of every piece of framing. This means we can construct almost any building - from a low cost disaster-relief building to resource-based outback housing to the suburban family home exclusive luxury designer homes.In all cases FrameCAD steel fabrication systems will save total construction time, improve quality and reduce cost.”

The precise steel frame fabrication system uses low skilled labour for low cost, faster, safer construction. The accuracy is controlled by the computerised machine, irrespective of the skill level of the labour force. Further, the FrameMaster F300i Mobile Factory can be rapidly and cost-effectively transported to remote areas. The FRAMECAD “Factory in a Can” F300i is a self-contained roll forming machine housed in a 6.1m or 12.2m (20 or 40ft) shipping container. The mobile factory can be trucked into any location and made operational within 24 hours of being sited.

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