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Framing fasteners and light gauge steel framing tools from FrameCAD Solutions

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As part of the FrameCAD building system, FrameCAD Solutions offers a complete range of quality fasteners and associated light gauge steel framing tools, because they know that choosing the correct fastener system is critical for ensuring the structural integrity of the building, as well as a profitable and rapid build.

Within this range of fasteners and light gauge steel framing tools are screw fasteners, pneumatic pin fasteners, and all the associated tools to get the job done right.

Screw Fasteners
Specifically for light gauge steel construction, FrameCAD Solutions' range of screw fasteners includes those for steel frame wall panel and truss assembly, exterior cladding, roofing, interior lining, flooring and other applications.

Pneumatic Pin Fasteners
Specialised pneumatic pin framing fasteners are available for fastening steel to steel up to 3mm thick, as well as fastening cladding, flooring and sheathing into light gauge steel framing. High pressure pins are also available for fastening into concrete.

Pneumatic pin framing fasteners can achieve similar results as screws, while being significantly faster to install and thus reducing the overall system cost.

Brackets and Connectors
Brackets form a critical link in the structural integrity of the overall building, and as such it is essential to use brackets with known engineering values and that are produced in quality assured manufacturing facilities. The FrameCAD range of framing brackets and connectors includes anchors, hold-downs, multigrips, joist hangers, strap bracing, seismic and hurricane ties.

All FrameCAD framing fasteners have been selected to optimise the speed and efficiency of the FrameCAD building system. The company recommend using collated screws in a factory environment with the Superdrive tool system, which make it quicker and easier to fix screws constantly and therefore reduces labour costs.

Corrosion resistance is a critical part of the performance of the fastener, but more importantly the overall building structure. FrameCAD Solutions offer framing fasteners with zinc and class 3 or 4 (per AS3566) finishes to suit a variety of environmental conditions.

All FrameCAD framing fasteners have been tested to ensure they are compatible with FrameCAD building systems and meet all relevant internationally recognised manufacturing standards. All framing fasteners have been tested for strength, pull out load, and corrosion resistance.

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