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FrameCAD Solutions provide end-to-end solution for design, detailing and manufacture of steel framing

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The team at FrameCAD Solutions deliver their clients effective and efficient completion of rapid design and build contracts. FrameCAD Solutions’ design and manufacturing technology was the point of difference for a recent hospitality project with a tight deadline in Dubai. Using FrameCAD innovation and technology, local staff who had undergone FrameCAD training were able to design and fabricate the 1200sqm entertainment facility and have it up and running in 19 days.

FrameCAD Solutions’ business is built around innovative computer-aided design techniques capable of producing complex 3D simulations. This enables plans for entire buildings to be rendered in hours. The other venture, structured on the success of FrameCAD Solutions’ international achievements, is a building materials trading company, Bon Pacific.

FrameCAD have provided an enormous point of difference with end-to-end integration in the design, detailing and manufacture of steel framing that is suitable for residential and commercial buildings. FrameCAD Solutions also have invested revenue in building intellectual property, technology, repeatable processes and expertise to the point where they are recognised as the leader in cold-formed steel construction solutions.

The ability to integrate design, detailing and engineering software with the supply and manufacturing side of the building process has seen Bon Pacific and FrameCAD Solutions to win friends and contracts around the globe.

Changing mindsets about the desirability of steel versus other building materials was another task that required attention.

After the earthquake hit northern part of Pakistan in 8th October 2005, FrameCAD Solutions set up a factory within two days and trained staff to design and build relief housing, medical clinics, schools and other much-needed structures. Support staff visited on five trips over 24 months. In the first year, 1,000,000 sq ft of buildings were erected.

A similar strategy kicked into action in Indonesia after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Both Bon Pacific and FrameCAD Solutions operate and have offices across the globe with local presence and support in the US, UAE, Australia and outsourced manufacturing in New Zealand, Korea, the US and Taiwan. To further shore up their reach and nimbleness, the company have developed a distribution network that allows coverage in evolving markets where it has no direct presence.

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