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FrameCAD Solutions offer advanced end-to-end steel frame building solutions

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article image Advanced end-to-end steel frame building solutions

Light gauge steel frames can be confidently and rapidly produced for buildings with consistent accuracy that is determined by the system, not the skill level of factory workers or on-site assemblers. Behind FrameCAD Solutions’ innovative combination of software and production equipment is a pool of expertise that encompasses architectural design, engineering, construction and every aspect of automated manufacturing.

FrameCAD Solutions provide customers with the knowledge and advice needed for success, as well as the technology required to enable the business.FrameCAD Solutions are part of the BonPac Group, a steel company that have been successfully serving the world’s steel building industry for more than 20 years.

FrameCAD Solutions focus has always been on developing practical solutions that streamline the steel frame design and building process, cutting production time and building a better end result. By integrating FrameCAD Factory machine control systems with advanced FrameCAD design, detailing and engineering software, FrameCAD Solutions have achieved a building system that is automated in the most intelligent way.

The result is the ultimate union of design, materials, machinery and manufacturing. FrameCAD Solutions support customers with a proven training system and around-the-clock access to technical expertise. The unique combination of award-winning technology and personal service gives construction businesses all over the world the confidence to advance.

End-to-end process:
The solutions FrameCAD Solutions offer encompass consultation, design, manufacturing and materials supply. These are all backed up with a robust support infrastructure to help customers get a quick return on their investment.

Maximising return on investment:
With FrameCAD Solutions, the opportunities for improved return on investment make an impressive list:

  • Save days or weeks - design, production and construction times are reduced. Many FrameCAD Solutions users have reduced design and build time by more than 10%. Time equals money on construction projects.
  • Save skilled manpower - do more with fewer skilled people. Once the design is completed in FrameCAD, the skills required to produce and assemble the building frame are dramatically reduced.
  • Reduce errors - precise 3D modelling leads to accurately designed and manufactured parts that fit together perfectly.
  • Increase product range - quickly and easily introduce new products into your range, knowing that what you design is exactly what you will get.
  • Minimise required floor area - our high output manufacturing equipment is very space efficient, producing a maximum number of frames from minimal factory space.
  • Decrease waste - raw material requirement is reduced compared to timber or traditional concrete methods. For a certified FrameCAD Solutions factory, wastage is less than 1%.
  • Increase quality - all light gauge steel components are automatically and accurately manufactured to precisely correct dimensions, ready for assembly.

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