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FRAMECAD  is,    

  • A New Zealand-based company that specialises in the development of integrated design and manufacturing of steel framing for building homes, multi-storey commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, workforce accommodation and  public amenities such as hospitals, schools and community buildings.  
  • Established in 1989, the company’s head office is in Auckland, New Zealand. However, 95% of the company’s revenue is derived through exports to more than 40 countries, and it has branches in many countries.    
Products and Services offered:  

FRAMECAD is an advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system, allowing mass production of cold formed steel frames with precision accuracy that is determined by the system.  

  • By integrating FRAMECAD 3D design, detailing and engineering software with the FRAMECAD factory machine control system, the entire design and production process is stream-lined resulting in faster turn-around and shorter build times.         
  • Using patented FRAMECAD software, building design, engineering, detailing, quoting, production planning, factory management, machine control and materials management are all integrated.      
  • FRAMECAD manufactures a comprehensive range of steel-roll forming machines for large and small scale production.  
  • FRAMECAD has recently developed a Mobile Factory which is a self-contained steel frame production facility housed in a container.  
  • With its own diesel generator and computer-operated fabricating machine, the mobile factory can manufacture precision-engineered steel framing, allowing construction of structures of all kinds to proceed quickly.  
  • FRAMECAD Building Products is the sister company of FRAMECAD Solutions. They can supply cladding, interior linings, flooring, insulation, roofing and building hardware.  
Benefits of FRAMECAD are,  

  • Frame design, frame production and construction times are significantly reduced.
  • FRAMECAD roll forming machinery maximises efficiency and reduces waste to less than 1%.  
  • All components are produced to an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm.
  • It has reduced labour costs.
  • It possesses improved build quality.
  • The FRAMECAD system can withstand extreme conditions.
  • International building code compliance is met.  
Benefits of steel framing:  

  • Faster build time of up to 30% faster than traditional building methods.  
  • Good design flexibility, as it is suitable for low cost housing, two storey homes, modular homes and multi-storey commercial buildings.  
  • The design has enduring strength, as the steel will not rot and is not subject to attack by termites or other pests.  
  • Steel framing remains straight at all times, unlike timber which can twist or warp. It is also environmentally friendly.

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