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Building insulation products from FrameCAD Solutions

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article image FrameCAD glasswool is one of the building insulation products provided by the company

FrameCAD Solutions ' range of building insulation products can be used to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of any FrameCAD building, no matter the environment.

Whether the FrameCAD building is in a hot, cold, wet or dry environment, FrameCAD Solutions can recommend the right building insulation to conserve energy and make the building as quiet and as comfortable as possible. The range of building insulation products from FrameCAD Solutions include Insulbreak, radiant heat barriers, glasswool, rigid foam panels, and building wrap.

FrameCAD Insulbreak combines three products in one: radiant barrier insulation, vapour barrier, and thermal break. Specifically designed for steel framed construction in hot climates, Insulbreak uses patented technology and high quality materials for faster installation than traditional building insulation, whilst maintaining a greater level of durability over the lifetime of the building.

FrameCAD Insulbreak has a unique cellular core that provides an effective thermal break between the hot outside cladding, and the cool building interior, reducing thermal conduction through the steel frame. Insulbreak is available in a range of thicknesses to deliver optimal thermal insulation for both walls and roofs.

FrameCAD radiant heat barriers are building insulation products suitable for tropical and semi-tropical areas where over 90% of heat gain in a building is radiant heat gained through the roof.

The ideal solution to prevent heat build up, radiant heat barriers from FrameCAD solutions use pure aluminium foil, high quality fibre glass reinforcement, and flame retardant adhesive to offer optimal performance and durability for many years. These heat barriers can be used underneath metal and tile roofs, and are suitable for use in residential houses, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

These radiant heat barriers can also be used as a vapour barrier to prevent moisture and condensation build up, and will protect insulation systems around air conditioning ductwork.

Suitable for cold to mild climates, FRAMECAD glasswool is light weight and simple to install in wall cavities. Made using 80% recycled glass and available in a range of thicknesses, this building insulation product is durable and non-combustible and can be used in ceilings, walls and under floors to provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

FrameCAD rigid foam panels are ideal building insulation products for extreme temperatures; hot or cold. As it is suitable for use on the exterior of metal framing, the thermal insulation of the the wall is not limited by the depth of the stud. By fitting the rigid foam panel on the outside, installation of this insulation is faster and there is no need to cut around studs and bracing, which also eliminates thermal bridging.

FrameCAD rigid foam insulation is available in thicknesses up to 100mm, has a low risk fire rating, and the foil face of the panel acts as an effective moisture barrier.

Finally, FrameCAD building wrap is designed for use in roofs or external walls. It is a strong building insulation product that is also lightweight and breatheable to provide optimal moisture and vapour control.

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