Strong interest in wine analysis at ViniTech Bordeaux
21.01.2015 - The annual ViniTech show in Bordeaux showcased a range of rapid analytical solutions from FOSS for testing wine.
FOSS NIRS DA1650 feed analyser makes near infrared analysis more accessible than ever
26.06.2012 - The new NIRS DA1650 feed analyser from FOSS is a user-friendly analyser that allows feed producers to make instant improvements to quality and process economy.
New FOSS NIRS DS2500 flour analysers improve yield in flour milling
25.06.2012 - FOSS introduces the NIRS DS2500 flour analyser, a new range of high performance near infrared analysers (NIR) designed to improve yield in flour production.
MilkoScan FT1 milk analysers from FOSS offer the latest in liquid milk testing technology
14.02.2012 - FOSS has introduced a new model to its range of milk analysers which can simultaneously analyse the main product components in milk while screening for milk abnormalities.
Foss introduces the new process monitoring and control system, ProFoss
06.05.2011 - ProFoss process monitoring and control system by FOSS ensure quality control management for specialist products.
FOSS liquid analysers are assisting the automation of milk testing
23.03.2011 - FOSS and the Olip central milk testing (CMT) laboratory in Zutphen, the Netherlands have implemented a milk analysis testing environment using liquid analysers.
FOSS MilkoScan Analysers with ASM Software Functionality for Adulteration Testing
24.02.2011 - A new software functionality supporting adulteration testing is available on specific models of MilkoScan analysers from FOSS.
Extended Applications for ProFoss NIR Process Analysis System Improve Dairy Production
23.02.2011 - The ProFoss NIR process analysis system from FOSS is designed to enable food and feed producers improve production processes.
MeatScan Fat Analysers from FOSS Help Meat Producers Improve Quality and Profit
22.02.2011 - FOSS introduces MeatScan fat analysers, a compact and robust range of near infrared analysers designed for routine fat analysis in small-volume meat production facilities.
ProFoss near infrared process analysers from FOSS
21.02.2011 - Developed by FOSS for use in food and feed production, ProFoss near infrared process analysers can assist in improving production yields and overall product quality by reducing variation.
FOSS MeatMaster In-Line Fat Analysers Scan Bacon Better and Faster
18.02.2011 - The FOSS MeatMaster in-line fat analysers now come with new software to scan cuts of meat for optimal bacon production.
FOSS Kjeldahl Analysis Solution Improves Safety in the Lab
17.02.2011 - A new Kjeldahl analysis solution by FOSS incorporates technological advances to make the analysis process safer and more efficient for laboratory users.
The XDS Biodiesel Analyzer from FOSS, designed for rapid non-destructive analysis of viscous and liquid samples
12.10.2010 - The XDS Biodiesel Analyzer from FOSS belongs to a new generation FOSS NIR instruments designed for rapid non-destructive analysis of viscous and liquid samples.
WineScan™ Auto from FOSS, for fast and efficient analysis of must under fermentation and wine.
11.10.2010 - WineScan™ Auto from FOSS, allows fast and efficient analysis of must under fermentation and wine.
The MeatMaster from FOSS is designed to scan fat content in meat.
08.10.2010 - The MeatMaster from FOSS, has been designed to measure fat content at production speed.
The InfraXact, NIR analysis tools from FOSS
07.10.2010 - The InfraXact from FOSS, complete NIR analysis tools designed to deliver accurate, instantaneous NIR analysis.
Portable on-farm grain analyser from FOSS
01.09.2009 - FOSS has released the Infratec Sofia in the South Pacific region. This is an easy to use, rugged and accurate grain analyser that allows farmers to make informed choices about how best to use their crops and when to harvest.
New wine analyser validated around the world
21.08.2009 - FOSS announces positive results from an international validation test of the global standard calibrations supplied with OenoFoss(tm), a new analyser allowing instant quality control of grapes and wine
Kjeltec 8000 series analysers available from FOSS
12.02.2009 - FOSS have announced the Kjeltec 8000 series, a new range of solutions for Kjeldahl analysis providing network facilities for improved traceability and features for safe and cost effective laboratory o
XDS Process Analytics solution from FOSS helps dairy producers
22.12.2008 - The XDS Process Analytics solution, available from FOSS, helps dairy producers to reduce out of specification production and optimise the use of valuable raw materials such as protein and fat.
FIAstar 5000 from FOSS
19.11.2008 - FOSS provides the Soil and Plant Laboratory a solution for the digestion and analysis of Nitrogen and Phosphorus with the FIAstar 5000.
Tecator block digestion models available from FOSS
18.11.2008 - FOSS offer a range of Tecator block digestion models for different samples types and needs.
Tecator Digestion Unit available from FOSS simplifies soil, plant and water analysis
17.11.2008 - FOSS have announced the Tecator Digestion Unit 2540 Auto, a new digestion block offering flexible operations in the laboratory and full compatibility with FOSS Kjeltec distilling units. The new unit is especially suitable for soil and plant analysis,
Infratec Sofia grain analyser from FOSS Pacific
11.08.2008 - FOSS Pacific have released the Infratec Sofia, a rugged, simple-to-use and accurate grain analyser that allows farmers to make informed decisions about when to harvest and how best to use the crop. The ability to assess the quality and characteristic
FOSS releases new analyser for wine quality control
26.02.2008 - FOSS has released OenoFoss, a new analyser providing instant quality control of grapes and wine.
FOSS FoodScan NIR meat analyser receives AOAC approval
01.11.2007 - The FOSS FoodScan Near Infrared (NIR) analyser has received AOAC approval for the analysis of moisture, fat, and protein in meat and meat products using FOSS artificial neural network (ANN) prediction models. The method number is 2007-04.
Near Infrared analyser guide available from Foss
27.06.2007 - A 28-page colour booklet presenting the entire range of Foss near infrared analysers is now available.
New Infratec 1241 – NIR Analysis for Grain and Flour
26.06.2007 - Foss announces the new Infratec 1241 Grain and Flour analyser, an updated near infrared (NIR) analysis solution.
Rapid microbiological assessment of UHT and ESL products
21.09.2006 - THE new Cogent Microbial Luminescence System (MLSII) from Biotrace International provides a rapid alternative to traditional microbiological assessment of Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products in the beverage industry.
Branscan upgrades Powderscan P4000 on-line system
01.09.2006 - Branscan, the UK manufacturer of on-line and laboratory based analytical instruments, has recently upgraded a US based international producer of branded pasta products.
Online powder-products analysing system
29.06.2006 - BRANSCAN, a UK manufacturer of on-line and laboratory based analytical instruments, has upgraded a US-based international producer of branded pasta products. The client has upgraded its Powderscan P40
NIR analyser for tablets, solids and liquids
11.04.2006 - FOSS has introduced the new XDS MasterLab, the latest analytical solution featuring XDS near-infrared (NIR) technology, for rapid non-destructive measurements of tablets, solids and liquids.
FOSS celebrates fiftieth anniversary
28.03.2006 - FOSS, the leading developer of analytical instruments, is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in 2006. FOSS was founded in Denmark in 1956 by Nils Foss. Today, 85% of the world's milk production, 80% of grain traded on the world market and 75% of th
Analyser for the dairy industry
01.03.2006 - FOSS has released the MilkoScan FT2, a new analyser that allows dairies to improve analysis operations with significant benefits to business, including the ability to save thousands of kilos of raw material in annual production.
Multiple vial analyser
01.12.2005 - FOSS’ new MultiVial Analyser features automated, unattended reflectance analysis of a tray of multiple vials. Simply load the tray, insert it into the MultiVial Analyser and let the movable (X-Y) sampling mechanism properly position and analyse each
Fast NIR analysis with XDS
10.08.2005 - FOSS has introduced two new Near Infrared (NIR) analysers, the XDS Rapid Content Analyser and the XDS Rapid Liquid Analyser. The analysers include the well-known ISIScan software and provide fast non-
Improved digestion systems for analysis
27.06.2005 - FOSS Pacific has announced the global launch of the new Tecator digestion system for Kjeldahl analysis. Building on a well-known Tecator design, the new digestion system offers laboratories a unique combination of proven usability and innovative tech
Near infrared analysis at the production line
24.06.2005 - FOSS Pacific has released InfraXact Pro, a near infrared (NIR) analyser for routine analysis of food and agricultural products at the production line. Following the release of the InfraXact Lab model,
Meat analysers get AQIS approval
19.04.2005 - THE Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has approved both the FOSS MeatMaster and FOSS FoodScan for the determination of percentage Chemical Lean (fat content) in export beef trimmings, under the Export Meat Orders Schedule 2 - Part 2
Near infrared online analyser
07.04.2005 - FOSS has released the XDS Process Analytics near infrared (NIR) online analyser for solid, viscous and liquid food and agricultural products. It analyses products and ingredients directly in the process stream. It delivers a continuous flow of result
Sulphur dioxide analyser for wine
07.04.2005 - FOSS has released the FIAstar wine analyser, making making sulphur dioxide (SO2) analysis fast and convenient. It is a system for accelerating and automating the analysis of free and total S02 in must
Near infrared analyser for food and agricultural products
07.04.2005 - FOSS has released the InfraXact near infrared (NIR) analyser for routine analysis of food and agricultural products. The system is easy to use, with automatic sample tracing via a sample ID chip in the sample cup, automatic software setup and automat
Lightweight, handheld hygiene monitor
14.01.2004 - FOSS Pacific has released a new luminometer for hygiene monitoring, the Uni-Lite NG from Biotrace International. The luminometer is a lightweight (400g), hand-held device, for use with Clean-Trace and Aqua-Trace, its ATP (adenosine triphosphate) base
Total fat analysis in food and feed
22.07.2003 - THE Foss Group has announced the release of its new, high performance, low cost system for acid hydrolysis of food and feed samples, the 2047 SoxCap system. Total fat analysis has, until now, been operator time consuming, especially when solvent pre-
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