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Sulphur dioxide analyser for wine

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article image Automated analysis provides speed, safety and accuracy.

FOSS has released the FIAstar wine analyser, making making sulphur dioxide (SO2) analysis fast and convenient. It is a system for accelerating and automating the analysis of free and total S02 in must and wine.

Reference methods for S02 analysis are time consuming and can be inconsistent due to a potential for operator-error and sample-interference.

Results are delivered in less than two minutes. Automation features ensure efficient operations with reliable and consistent results. The use of non-hazardous reagents keeps the process safe and environmentally friendly. Built-in quality assurance makes it compliant with laboratory quality assurance protocols.

The system can analyse up to 50 samples an hour, making it suitable for laboratories and wine producing or bottling operations requiring a high throughput of samples. The flow injection analysis technology employed in the system keeps the use of reagents to a minimum.

The system uses a plug and analyse system that makes it easy to operate. It is available either as a single-channel system or as a two-channel system that allows simultaneous analysis of free and total S02.

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