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Portable on-farm grain analyser from FOSS

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FOSS  has released the Infratec Sofia in the South Pacific region. This is an easy to use, rugged and accurate grain analyser that allows farmers to make informed choices about how best to use their crops and when to harvest.      

As harvesting costs continue to rise, farmers increasingly need to be able to assess the quality and characteristics of grain on-farm. With improved grain knowledge, farmers will be better able to deliver the right product mix for specific product requirements.                

Measurements are simple to perform and results for parameters such as moisture and protein are delivered in around three minutes. The mobile grain analyser (240VAC, 12VDC) requires no grinding or sample preparation. Current measurement options include protein and moisture for barley and wheat.    

Infratec Sofia grain analyser is fully aligned and calibrated against the Infratec 1241 analyser. This system has been approved by the Australian government's National Measurement Institute for trade purposes. Infratec Sofia grain analyser is distributed through CBH Group and ABB.        

New business opportunities    

The Infratec Sofia grain analyser provides a fast, easy way to check the quality of grain before or during harvest. The grain can be categorised on farm for optimum profit. e.g. the farmer can make an informed decision about whether the grain has the right protein content for feed or food use.              

Harvesting longer    

One of the most critical considerations during harvest is an assessment of whether the crop is dry enough. Starting the harvest too early risks rejected loads or costly artificial drying. On the other hand, if farmers wait too long they can waste valuable time, pushing up costs and exposing the crop to the risk of damage from weather events.    

With Infratec Sofia grain analyser, farmers can accurately determine crop moisture in the paddock. As a result, they can start work earlier in the day and continue longer without a worry. Harvesting is completed in the shortest possible time. Costs and risks are kept to a minimum.      

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