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BRANSCAN, a UK manufacturer of on-line and laboratory based analytical instruments, represented in Australia by Foss Pacific , has upgraded a US-based international producer of branded pasta products.

The client has upgraded its Powderscan P4000 on-line system with the latest software to help monitor contamination during the production of semolina from Durum Wheat.

The original system was installed some eight years ago, and client satisfaction has resulted in an upgrade in software to meet the requirements of Windows XP operating system.

One of the key features of the revised system is the ability to retrieve archived data. The new system also comes with a revised user interface and database ensuring data is easier to obtain and graphs are easier to read by operatives.

For some years, the processing plant has been following the trend to operate a ‘lights-out’ processing operation where the plant functions in a 24/7 environment, but only requires one operator during the day shift, with one on standby off-site should they be required.

One of the advantages of the new Powderscan software is that it remotely alerts the processing plant the second any impurities are detected, so that immediate action can be taken. This ensures consistent and reliable product quality whatever the time of day or night.

The Powderscan P4000 uses digital imaging analysis to provide the miller with a good indication of extraction rates to check the process is running correctly.

It tests the semolina for brown and black specks which often result from the naturally occurring impurities (brown and black specks) which remain from the initial product or during production process where dryers are employed and scorched particles may occur.

The amount of specks are the determining factor of the final appearance, grade and purity of the product and ultimately the final selling price. In some cases impurities in the product can result in the rejection of whole batches.

Branscan sees potential for Powderscan in other ‘lights-out’ processing environments. The Powderscan online system can also be used for many industrial applications such as in the dairy industry to monitor powder products such as milk, whey and casein.

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