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Near infrared analysis at the production line

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article image Allows on-the-spot control adjustments to be made immediately.

FOSS Pacific has released InfraXact Pro, a near infrared (NIR) analyser for routine analysis of food and agricultural products at the production line. Following the release of the InfraXact Lab model, the InfraXact Pro extends the use of InfraXact to harsh production-line environments. This allows on-the-spot control adjustments to be made immediately instead of waiting for results to arrive from the laboratory or control room.

The InfraXact Pro has a tough enclosure and is IP-65 certified. It also has a built-in computer and a touch screen designed for use by process operators. These features allow analysis to be performed exactly where the results are required, for example at key control points in the production process. It also ensures that measurements can be taken as frequently as required.

Both the InfraXact Pro and InfraXact Lab models are factory-standardised instruments that are robust and stable. This ensures consistent results across different instruments and sample-types and allows the same calibration model to be used across instruments. Ready-to-use calibrations are available or existing FOSS NIRSystems II calibration databases can be reused.

InfraXact offers ease of use and traceability of results. Sample identification based on RFID technology avoids the risk of mixing up samples or using an inappropriate calibration. Results can also be transferred to LIMS software in real time. The outlier detection system helps to ensure that results are reliable.

InfraXact is ideal for rapid and accurate analysis of granular and semi-solid products such as milk powder, feed and feed ingredients and pet food for constituents, such as moisture, protein, fat, starch, ash, lactose and fibre.

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