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Meat analysers get AQIS approval

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THE Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has approved both the FOSS MeatMaster and FOSS FoodScan for the determination of percentage Chemical Lean (fat content) in export beef trimmings, under the Export Meat Orders Schedule 2 - Part 2 (1.3).

Processors can now use the information provided by these FOSS Chemical Lean (CL) analysers with full confidence and not be concerned with the necessary double checking required, when using a non AQIS approved analyser or method.

FOSS MeatMaster is an X-Ray based, in-line conveyor belt system for meat analysis. Apart from CL, MeatMaster will also determine the sample weight and detect foreign objects in a one ton batch or a single box.

MeatMaster's unique dual X-ray configuration makes it the most accurate X-Ray system for CL in the world. Analyse fresh, frozen and chilled product with one calibration across the whole CL range.

Calibration and validation can be achieved within two weeks of installation. MeatMaster is robust and purpose built for analysis of boxed, loose, or frozen meat.

FoodScan provides fast and accurate analysis of key parameters including fat, moisture, protein, collagen and salt in less than a minute. It is delivered pre-calibrated with an ANN calibration that ensures low cost of calibration development and maintenance.

Sample analysis with FoodScan is quick and easy: simply place the sample in the sample cup, place the cup in the sample cup holder, and close the door. Within 50 seconds, the result for fat, moisture and protein is displayed.

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