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Fast NIR analysis with XDS

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FOSS has introduced two new Near Infrared (NIR) analysers, the XDS Rapid Content Analyser and the XDS Rapid Liquid Analyser. The analysers include the well-known ISIScan software and provide fast non-destructive analysis of solid, viscous and liquid samples. High levels of performance and patented scanning technology characterise the analysers and represent the top-end of the FOSS NIR product portfolio.

The XDS Rapid Liquid Analyser is suitable for routine analysis of vegetable oils in the refinery industry and for olive oil segregation. Determination of key parameters such as FFA, moisture, phosphorous, IV, K232, K270, and PV is much faster with these analysers, compared to traditional wet chemistry. This gives more control over vegetable oil production or olive oil segregation and more power to improve product quality and consistency. Samples can be analysed in quartz cuvettes with different path-lengths or in glass vials. A temperature-controlled sample compartment ensures samples are measured at a consistent temperature 0.1 ‹C.

The XDS Rapid Content Analyser provides simple and rapid analysis of solid, liquid and viscous samples with little or no sample preparation. The flexible sample presentation makes it ideal for routine control analysis throughout the production process, including analysis of raw materials, material in production and finished products.

XDS analysers are also ideal for research laboratory applications where the broad scanning range (VIS and NIR) provides a highly flexible analysis platform that is both accurate and fast. The ISIscan software provides a user-friendly interface supporting the latest calibration technologies with advanced data exchange (LIMS) and reporting capabilities.

The advanced features provided by XDS NIR technology, together with the well known WinISI (calibration development software), minimise implementation time for the instruments and ensure effective calibration management with seamless calibration model transferability between instruments.

As a leader in NIR/NIT technology, FOSS can offer customers unique benefits. For instance, product features such as patented monochromator technology and modular sampling accessories ensure an optimum choice of wavelengths, efficient calibration development and straightforward implementation.

FOSS has set new standards in Near Infrared Reflectance, Near Infrared Transmittance, Partial Least Square Calibrations (PLS), Networking, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) calibrations, global calibrations and network support through the internet. FOSS designs and manufactures a complete range of rapid-scanning near infrared spectrophotometers for both laboratory and process applications.

FOSS is recognised for its quality products, service and application support around the world. At FOSS, the development of new instruments and the identification of new areas of application is an ongoing process. Products are developed in close cooperation with key customers, recognised research institutes and industry-based technology partnerships. More than half the world's NIR/NIT analysers are supplied by FOSS.

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