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article image FIAstar 5000 from FOSS designed for the analysis of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

The FIAstar 5000, available from FOSS , is a solution for the digestion and analysis of Nitrogen and Phosphorus.  

Able to start up, calibrate and analyze in less than one hour - digesting 40 samples at a time - the FIAstar 5000 is a High Capacity Analysis machine for the Soil and Plant Laboratory.

The FIAstar 5000 provides the simultaneous determination of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, eliminating the use of the toxic Phenate/Bertholet method (gas-diffusion technique) for Nitrogen determination.

FOSS also offers a choice of options for lower investment cost:

  • 1-channel FIAstar for sequential determination of Nitrogen and Phosphorus (2 hours spent on the determination)
  • Semi automated operation – without Auto sampler

Additional features include:

  • The option of combining with an Auto Lift to reduce manual handling of tube racks before and after digestions
  • A scrubber for the safe removal of acid fumes   
  • A variety of tubes (regular straight or with volume mark) for convenient dilution

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