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article image The MilkoScan FT2 analyser.

FOSS has released the MilkoScan FT2, a new analyser that allows dairies to improve analysis operations with significant benefits to business, including the ability to save thousands of kilos of raw material in annual production.

The MilkoScan FT2 offers a 20% improvement in accuracy for main parameters in milk compared with the existing and highly popular FOSS MilkoScan FT 120.

This allows dairies to push standardisation of key parameters even closer to production targets. For instance, in dairy powder production, a plant producing 300,000L per day can save around 12,600kg of protein per year.

Among other advantages offered by the new MilkoScan FT2 is the opportunity to get faster results closer to the production line.

A highly stable FTIR interferometer dispels any concerns about vibration and the instrument also has a splash proof and dust proof enclosure.

Instrument stability also means reduced costs in calibration as the FT2 delivers consistently accurate results over long periods, according to FOSS.

Improvements in instrument design speeds up analysis of viscous dairy products such as condensed milk that can now be measured directly without dilution.

The durable design also allows significant reductions in maintenance work by up to 30% compared with the MilkoScan FT120.

FOSS Integrator software keeps an automatic record of everything that goes on, giving dairy producers an answer to growing demands for product documentation.

The MilkoScan FT2 builds on the success of the groundbreaking FOSS MilkoScan FT120 analyser. Input gained from existing MilkoScan users, together with decades of experience in developing dairy analysis solutions has provided the basis for the new analyser.

The MilkoScan FT2 thus provides the logical next step in dairy analysis for dairies looking to secure their analysis strategy against unrelenting pressures for improved production efficiency and product quality.

The original MilkoScan FT120 will continue alongside the MilkoScan FT2 in the extensive FOSS dairy product portfolio.

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