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FM Innovations initiate Growing Up rooftop gardens

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The new programme called ‘Growing Up’ initiated through FM Innovations is designed to promote rooftop gardens atop inner-urban buildings. Programme team member Simon Strahan explains the initiative. As users look out onto a vista of concrete-topped roofs of multi-storey buildings, a number of young Victorian businesspeople wanted residents to imagine a sea of green, with every available roof space covered in plants. This is a vision shared by many building owners, tenants, government departments and educational institutions.

‘Growing Up’ is, however, a vision achieved through a consolidated approach to the promotion and industry development of green roofing. The group programme, operating under the apt title of ‘Growing Up’, is the result of a Committee for Melbourne initiative to develop young business leaders. The committee provides opportunities for the creation of projects to benefit Melbourne.

According to Renae Gasmier, Head, Procurement and Facilities team, CPA Australia, and a member of Growing Up, green roofs, considered in combination with other measures, can make a real difference to minimise the effects of climate change. Green roofing, a sustainable measure in the fight against climate change, has a long and proven history in Europe, Northern America and parts of Asia. Yet it is only recently that Australia has considered the numerous benefits of green roofs in its response to climate change.

‘Growing Up’ is a real opportunity for government, big business, building owners and universities to work together to trial and adopt green roof applications for the benefit of the whole community. The effects of climate change are becoming evident every day and they want to raise awareness of how green roofs can play a part and they may not be as glamorous as other measures, but they are an easy and sustainable means to combat climate change.

To accelerate the green roof industry in Melbourne, Growing Up is leveraging the committee for Melbourne’s network to ensure awareness of the project. Already, Melbourne Water, Sustainability Victoria and the city of Melbourne have come on board as key partners.

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