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FM Innovations help Sydney West Area Health Service in spatial management

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FM Innovations’  project for Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) is now coming to completion, which has seen a large amount of redrafting of all major hospitals and their facilities in the last four months.

This has meant literally thousands of hours and hundreds of CAD files being produced, which has enabled SWAHS to better address the ongoing problem of Capital Charging regime and cost recovery within the NSW Health system.

In addressing the immediate and pressing needs for accurate spatial information, SWAHS undertook some 12 months ago a project to better manage their capital charging and space management requirement. With funding becoming an issue in all Health Facilities, this was seen by senior management as a proactive way of better managing their finite resources in the facilities that they must utilise.

Under the leadership of Rosie Bonham, the project went through various management stages and hurdles before getting underway in September 2008. It will be installed and completed at SWAHS by the end of 2008 calendar year.

FM Innovations’ role was to provide an effective upgrade to the ageing HealthAMMS system in NSW Health to allow SWAHS to provide effective spatial management analysis and reporting to management at all levels and location within the organisation.

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