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The importance of calibrating your thermal cameras

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FLIR Systems Australia explains the importance of having thermal imaging cameras calibrated periodically to maintain their accuracy.

All FLIR infrared cameras are precision instruments that are factory calibrated to record the best possible thermal images and non-contact temperature measurements. However, over a period of time, aging of electronic components can cause calibration shift, requiring the FLIR camera to be checked periodically for measurement accuracy, and then recalibrated. 

FLIR Systems recommends this check to be carried out annually.

Calibrating a FLIR thermal imaging camera at least once a year is important to maintain the accuracy of the device; comply with quality assurance processes; and ensure the camera is operating within its temperature measurement specification.

Simply checking the calibration of the thermal imaging camera by checking the measurement of icy cold and boiling hot water will not be sufficient. Even if done correctly, this is only a two-point calibration check with the assumption being that the calibration is linear across all points, which is not the case. 

Many of FLIR Systems’ subsidiaries across the world have the capability to calibrate thermal cameras up to a temperature of +1500°C and higher.

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