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New i3 Infrared Cameras from FLIR Systems at Breakthrough Price

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FLIR Systems Australia  introduces a new range of infrared cameras that are available at a breakthrough price with no compromise on the function.  

IR technology has become more affordable for mass commercial markets and FLIR leads the way with its new range of cost-effective i3 infrared cameras.  

The pocket-sized, multipurpose and full-function i3 infrared cameras designed for building and electrical inspections join FLIR’s i5 and i7 models.  

The i3 is designed as an entry-level IR camera to suit the needs of newcomers to thermography.  

User-friendly features include a very simple menu operation and image storage in JPEG format in a commonly used SD card.  

The value-packed i3 infrared cameras are easy to use with a high level of accuracy and focus-free viewing.  

Designed with sufficient functionality to suit most thermal imaging applications, the FLIR i3 weighs just 340 grams and is manufactured ruggedly with built-in lens protection.  

Key features of the FLIR i3 infrared cameras: 

  • Produces instant, point-and-shoot JPEG infrared imagery that carries all required temperature data
  • FLIR’s patented JPEG image format allows operators to download and view images as well as share them
  • Up to 5000 Radiometric JPEG format images can be saved onto the MicroSD card
  • Images can be analysed using the QuickReport PC software
  • Measures temperatures from -20ºC up to +250ºC and detects temperature differences as small as 0.15ºC
  • Bright 2.8” LCD display
  • Temperature measurement range suits most applications in electrical, mechanical and building environments
  • Long-life battery ensures up to 5 hours of continuous operation

The i3 delivers high quality ‘commercial functionality’ IR technology at a price designed to suit the budgets of a wide range of end-users including electrical technicians, maintenance personnel and HVAC tradespeople.  

Ideal for electrical applications, the i3 is a non-contact IR camera and 100% safe for engineers to carry out inspection tasks avoiding potential injuries from arc-flash.  

The FLIR i3 thermal image is created from minimum 60x60 IR resolution, giving the user an instant ‘hot spot’ reading and temperature or heat distribution over the area.  

Electrical engineers can document their inspection results in a report and decide on further action.  

FLIR’s IR cameras also help new buildings achieve energy efficiency through correctly executed insulation.  

With data obtained from FLIR thermal imaging cameras, insulation can be installed accurately for maximum effect.  

Thermal images from FLIR i3 infrared cameras during building inspections often show up deficiencies in areas such as insulation, potential water damage to walls and ceilings, termites, mould under carpet or problems in pipes and electrical systems.  

According to Roger Christiansz, Managing Director, FLIR Systems Australia, their ongoing market research has shown a growing demand for infrared technology across many industries as more people become aware of the practical possibilities of how the technology can work to improve their daily lives and their business.

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