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New Flir Systems Australia GF309 camera

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The newly released Flir Systems Australia GF309 infrared camera has been specifically developed for high temperature industrial furnace applications and can "see through flames" in all types of gas-fired furnaces, chemical heaters and coal-fired boilers.

Key features of the infrared camera include:

  • The infrared camera uses dual-use camera: furnace and  ambient temperatures
  • User-inspired ergonomics: The infrared camera features a rotating handle, Direct Access Buttons
  • Compatible with FLIR QuickReport and FLIR Reporter software for professional inspection report  likes it infrared-hot
  • This infrared camera measures temperatures from -40 °C  to +1500 °C with high accuracy
  • High performance LCD & Tiltable  high resolution viewfinder delivers a  bright and vivid image in poor lighting  environment or under sunlight
  • Excellent Thermal Sensitivity  (<25 mK)
  • Embedded GPS Data and Digital images allow you to identify precise  locations of inspected area 
  • The GF309 features a detachable heat-shield designed to reflect heat away from the camera as well as provide increased protection for the operator
  • The highly versatile infrared camera has an exceptionally wide span of temperature range and delivers highly accurate electrical and mechanical inspections
  • Sees inside boilers for slag or ash build-up — Ideal for internal boiler inspection to detect areas of slag build-up (clinkers) that can hinder heat transfer and potentially cause mechanical damage if they fall
  • External fire box Inspections — also performs well in relatively lower temperature applications, such as detecting hot spots on the outside of the firebox, showing where insulating blankets or refractory bricks are disrupted on the inside
  • Tiltable, flip-out 4.3” high contrast color LCD — the improved new color flip-out LCD delivers a bright and vivid image in a widescreen format
  • High Resolution (800 x 480), Tiltable Viewfinder — use of a viewfinder is sometimes preferred, especially in extremely bright conditions that cause a glare on LCD panels
  • Checks burner alignment and flame impingement — the GF309 infrared camera can easily identify if the flame pattern is causing localised overheating of the tubes
  • Built-in Video Records Furnace Start-up, Decoking Operations

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